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Montana Furniture Showroom

Making room for personality

36 modules
4 depths
42 colours
Infinite possibilities
Design: Peter J. Lassen

Expressing yourself is what Montana is all about. We want to give you endless opportunities to create, frame and tell your personal stories through clever design and superior craftsmanship.

Montana was founded in 1982 by Peter J. Lassen and based on his philosophy of people having a need for freedom and a desire to create their own personal spaces. Since then, Montana has offered a world of possibilities, so that you can create your own design with exactly the modules, colours and accessories that you like.

All our products are developed and made in Denmark. We have 160 employees under one roof, all applying their expertise in processing, painting and assembly. This ensures that our high standards of quality are maintained, and that everything is produced under conditions that respect our workforce and the world around us.

At Montana, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. Over 25 years ago, we introduced our own set of environmental accounts in consultation with The Danish Environmental Protection Agency and became one of the first Danish businesses to run ‘cradle-­to-­cradle’ analyses of the environmental consequences of a given product. Since 2007, we have exclusively used water-based lacquer colours, which neither smell nor contain solvents. Montana carries the Danish Indoor Climate Label, and Montana is certified in accordance to international environmental standards.


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Montana Furniture Showroom
Bredgade 76
1260 Copenhagen
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Trine Roed
Avdelning: Marketing
Yrke: Head of Marketing
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