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We are here. Breathing intelligence into a dormant industry. Making the world of insurance swifter, cleaner, more accurate. Some might say there are things better handled manually. We say, let technology challenge that.

Because AI and automation don’t just save your company time, improve revenues and drive digitalization. Their effect can be profoundly human. A swift payout can soften a painful event. There is a sense of being protected and attended to. And that is what builds loyalty.​

We are here not just to disrupt an industry but to use technology to make the experience even more human. We are here to take away the pain from claims.

Our idea is simple
Apply cutting edge automation & AI technology in the claims process to increase customer satisfaction and profitability for our customers. Our seasoned team has a vast combined experience from both the insurance industry but also tech, automotive and financial services. We understand the importance for reliable long-term and secure partnerships. Therefore, we hold several certifications and are triple-A rated from various financial institutions.  

Founded in 2006, the company has undergone an exciting journey and today enjoys partnerships with 20+ insurance companies, hundreds of garages and dismantlers and handles tens of thousands of cases each year. We have offices in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, USA and are currently branching out in additional countries.

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Kungsgatan 84
112 27 Stockholm

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Telefon: +46 08-410 434 00

VAT nummer: SE556696701301

Anställda: 15

Certifikat: AAA, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 27001:2005

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Emelie Totev

Patrik Åkerlöf Patrik Åkerlöf
Yrke: Chief Partner Officer
Telefon: +46 076 864 85 56

Paula Cerda Rojas
Avdelning: Backoffice
Yrke: Backoffice Manager
Telefon: +46 8 41043407

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Telefon: +46 841043400

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