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SOGEFI Filtration SA

Sogefi Group is a leading global supplier of original parts for the automotive industry, with over 35 years’ experience. Sogefi designs, develops and produces filtration systems and flexible suspension components as well as air management and engine cooling systems.

Through its strong commitment to research, Sogefi Group continuously improves its components with technological developments across all product sectors, optimising performance in terms of life cycle, effectiveness, size, weight and environmental compatibility.

Fakta om SOGEFI Filtration SA

SOGEFI Filtration SA
Parc Ariane IV
7, avenue du 8 mai 1945

78286 Guyancourt Cedex
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Telefon: +46 (0)73 2060191

VAT nummer: FR82642020390

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Håkan Bjellebeck
Direkt telefon: +46 (0)73 2060191

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