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Keeping it Clean with febi Filters - Air filter

den 27 juni 2025

Various filters are installed in modern vehicles, ensuring that the engine works perfectly, but also that the driver is protected from harmful air particles.

febi offers a comprehensive range of filters in tested OE matching quality to ensure the best possible filtration performance.

Trust in febi Filters!

Product Information

  • Absolute accuracy of fit and stability
  • Best possible separation values
  • Strict quality standards
  • Compliance with the requirements of vehicle manufacturers


Air filter

Precision construction for 100% reliability and performance

In the internal combustion engine, the air filter must remove particles from the intake air before they enter the engine. On average, around 10,000 liters of air are burned per liter of fuel - the pollutant particles vary in size, including grains of sand, dust particles, soot particles or abrasion from tires and brakes.

febi air filters are manufactured with high-quality filter media to provide the necessary protection and durability required for a long service life, with exceptional dirt separation and resistance to moisture and wetness.

Regular quality checks ensure precise construction for 100% reliability and fit. This prevents unfiltered air from entering the air intake system and causing engine or component damage.


Cabin filter

Protecting the interior environment

Cabin air filters ensure that pollutants such as exhaust fumes, dust or pollen are filtered out of the air and are not inhaled by the driver or passengers.

Each febi cabin air filter is manufactured to the same high standards to ensure a perfect fit and uses the same technology as the OEM filter to ensure maximum passenger comfort.

febi cabin air filters are designed to filter out particles to the factory specification and use a combination of different technologies to achieve this.

In accordance with the OE specification, activated carbon filters attract and trap the smallest particles such as NOx and hydrogen sulphide. This highly efficient filtration promotes "passive driving safety" - particularly important in city traffic.


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