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TecAlliance helps parts suppliers to prevent lost sales

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If an order cannot be placed because parts are not available, both supplier and trader face a problem: the supplier loses the sale and the trader is dissatisfied with the service. A new report by TecAlliance helps to retrieve and prevent lost sales.

Today, more than 250 automotive aftermarket suppliers and more than 35,000 buyers are connected to the Order Manager platform. A recent analysis byTecAlliance has shown that around 49 per cent of the inquires couldn’t be completely fulfilled by the suppliers on the platform. Also, as high as 9 per cent of all express orders resulted in lost sales, meaning that the suppliers could not fulfil the requests. This forces buyers to extend their supplier networks by reaching out to multiple sources to get the required parts. 

Increase sales and customer satisfaction

At the beginning of 2020, TecAlliance launched the “Lost Sales Report” to support the suppliers connected to the Order Manager platform by preventing lost sales. The report identifies differences between the quantities requested by buyers and the quantities delivered by the supplier.

The “Lost Sales Report” provides suppliers with a clear analysis of their lost sales on the Order Manager platform, helping them to better plan their stocks and fulfil the requested order volumes. This increases sales and customer satisfaction.

Subscribe to the “Lost Sales Report” today and – 

  • Prevent future lost sales to increase your order fulfilment and business volume
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Improve customer retention 
  • Optimise stock planning to mitigate the risks of lost sales 

For more information on the "Lost Sales Report" please contact sales.om@tecalliance.net or visit the Order Manager Portal.

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