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TecAlliance strengthens its global footprint in South Africa

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TecAlliance is planning the next steps to drive digitisation in South Africa.

The most important local parts manufacturers and distributors are already supplying to and using data from the TecDoc Catalogue, one of the world's leading spare parts catalogues. Following its strategy to set up branches in every country with more than 10 million registered vehicles, TecAlliance is currently preparing to open a subsidiary in South Africa.

“TecAlliance has been active in South Africa for several years, supporting local market development and making TecDoc the market standard for IAM catalogue data. We are also an active member of Right2Repair South Africa. Now, recognising the strategic importance of the region, we decided to get closer to our customers and partners by moving the data-driven business to a higher level”, explains Robert Szwed, Vice President Partner Africa at TecAlliance.

Structured data and standardised processes for the South African automotive aftermarket

The availability of and access to high-quality catalogue and repair and maintenance information is the key to success in the independent automotive aftermarket. TecAlliance offers extensive support with its comprehensive database containing vehicle reference data, IAM catalogue data, OE data, and a VIO (Vehicles in Operation) database covering the South African car parc; the company has already onboarded major domestic replacement parts manufacturers as data suppliers.

Key customer benefits are quick and correct vehicle identification thanks to a wide range of standardised international identification options. The TecDoc Catalogue containing the local car parc and parts data is already available to customers across South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Lesotho.

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