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CARUSO and Porsche are cooperating

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CARUSO’s data platform will provide 100% GDPR-compliant access to personal data from Porsche brand vehicles to authorized third parties, such as insurance companies or fleets.

CARUSO, one of the leading platforms for personal vehicle data in Europe, has signed a framework agreement with Porsche Smart Mobility GmbH. In compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation, customers of the platform can develop innovative services based on Porsche Connect Partner Services, from digital logbooks to telematics insurance rates. With this, another brand of the Volkswagen Group is connected via CARUSO. The data is made available in a standardized format via a uniform API. Thus, the data is immediately available to all CARUSO partners via the familiar interfaces.

“We want to continuously improve the driving experience for our customers. Our vehicle data contribute to the development of intelligent solutions that add great value to the safety and comfort of Porsche drivers. For Porsche, the customer is at the center of this: They should thereby receive an expanded digital ecosystem for their vehicles as well as always have the sovereignty over who they want to share which vehicle data with. We are delighted to be working with CARUSO on this initiative and, with that, being able to make a decisive contribution to this development," says Manfred Wiedemann, Project Manager of Porsche Connect Partner Services at Porsche AG.

The data marketplace enables CARUSO’s customers to access standardized vehicle data with broad coverage of the European vehicle market. Far more than 50% of the networked vehicles in Europe can already be reached via CARUSO’s dataplace. The integrated consent management solution ensures that the data is only exported with the consent of the vehicle owner in compliance with GDPR and, hence, protects the privacy of all parties at the same time.

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