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TecAlliance China landed a big contract with eBay

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A strategic cooperation agreement of TecAlliance China and eBay was signed on September 8 in Guangzhou, China.

Around 21 parts manufacturers and 37 representatives from eBay sellers joined the event. From parts manufacturers to dealers and trade, to workshops and fleet operators: Many of the most important companies in our industry already rely on our products helping automotive aftermarket players advance their business through the power of standardized data.

“We’ve worked with eBay in other regions on data services for a long time. Our cooperation in China is different based on the local demand. We are not only providing data to eBay, but also furnish data and value-added service to eBay sellers including recommending qualified parts manufacturers to sellers,” explains Matthias Moritz, Managing Director Asia at TecAlliance.

“The automotive market in the U.S. and Europe is enormous and full of opportunities. We are working with the data specialist TecAlliance to provide our sellers with the market data and reliable resources of parts that can help our sellers to better plan their stocks and gain more business in the markets,” says Tony Pang, General Manager at eBay International Product Category Management. “eBay sellers will get comprehensive support for data support, supplier resources, and improvement of operational efficiency.”

It is all about exclusive data support: TecAlliance will provide eBay sellers with professional model libraries in the U.S., Europe, and additional markets. On the other hand, TecAlliance enables them to establish the linkage between various market models and the eBay standard vehicle list (so-called master vehicle list, MVL) to help eBay sellers obtain overseas car VIO and further market information. In this way it is much easier to find related models. At the same time, eBay sellers are provided with OE data research services, linkages of OE data to the corresponding market model libraries and reliable data support for eBay sellers to expand the market and develop new products to improve market competitiveness. 

Together with eBay TecAlliance jointly launched the order-to-invoice platform Order Manager (referred to as "OM platform"), integrating domestic high-quality auto parts manufacturers as the supply chain, and providing eBay sellers with high-quality products and sources of supply. Sellers can order high-quality products from suppliers through the OM platform and enjoy a one-stop service from obtaining overseas car VIO and other market information to find original factory codes and adapted models. In addition, Taiyanlian and eBay will regularly hold offline sourcing seminars to provide face-to-face communication opportunities for quality suppliers and eBay sellers.

TecAlliance has developed an API that allows that model data can be linked with eBay to meet the needs of eBay sellers for matching products and models in the sales of products in a quick and accurate way. Combined with functions such as the TecAlliance global catalog database and VIN code search, the OM platform also provides sellers with a complete set of supply chain solutions such as inventory query, order placement, delivery, invoice information and online claims, helping sellers realize digital supply chain management and improve efficient.

 The cooperation with eBay will help domestic parts manufacturers and sellers accelerate overseas. Relying on China's strong supply chain support, TecAlliance will work with eBay to continue to help sellers improve their competitiveness and accelerate the expansion of overseas markets. 

 The sourcing seminar took place after the signing ceremony. The feedback from both parties was positive. Another session of sourcing seminar is planned in November 2021

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