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ARMTEK speeds up processes with TecCom Order Manager

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Russian distributor ARMTEK is using a large part of our comprehensive portfolio for the automotive aftermarket including TecCom Order Manager, the TecDoc catalogue and TecRMI (Repair and Maintenance Information).

In an interview, Victoria Emelianchik, expert for replacement parts and Deputy Head of the ARMTEK Procurement Department, explains how ARMTEK relies on TecCom Comfort Order to automate the process of placing orders. 
Why did your company decide to use TecCom Comfort Order? 
Victoria Emelianchik: “Preparing and placing an order in the wholesale trade of replacement parts is a laborious manual process. TecCom Order Manager from TecAlliance is an international platform for electronic document management. Placing orders through this platform has become our constant practice. TecAlliance cooperates with many of our partners – more than 1,200 European suppliers are connected to the system. Therefore, the introduction of TecCom Comfort Order was a logical development for us and the next step on the way to process automation. Thanks to the seamless connection to the supplier's services and the ability to instantly receive a response on availability, we optimize the entire internal work process. Automated work with stock and cross-docking is a great advantage. The main factor in making the decision to connect TecCom Comfort Order was the possibility of obtaining logistics and financial documents. The system becomes more transparent and understandable, the risk of errors is reduced, especially it facilitates the work on refunds and complaints.” 
What results from the use of this product are planned in the future? 
Victoria Emelianchik: “In the future, we plan to place orders using TecCom Comfort Order to all our suppliers who use the TecCom Order Manager platform. This will help everyone reducing the time and labor costs of placing orders, it reduces the risk of errors and simplifies the workflow process. We will be able to provide customers with the best service thanks to the availability of replacement parts and reduced delivery times.” 
About ARMTEK: 
ARMTEK Group of Companies is the largest distributor of automotive replacement parts, components, and consumables in the Eastern European market. 
Since its foundation in 1995, the company constantly expands and replenishes its range. The distributor strives to provide the buyer with the opportunity to purchase all the necessary list of parts in one place and save him from wasting time searching. 
To date, ARMTEK Group of companies has a well-developed trade and logistics network in the Russian Federation, the Republics of Belarus and Kazakhstan. 
ARMTEK offers a wide range of spare parts for cars and trucks of European, Japanese, Korean, and American brands. Now, it is more than 15,000,000 articles of car parts in stock and on order from more than 2,300 brands. 
The company has more than 140,000 square meters of automated warehouses of continuous cycle, 28 branches in Russia, the Republic of Belarus and Kazakhstan. More than 500 cars carry out more than 10,000 daily deliveries to more than 500 cities. Over 100 own and partner auto parts stores serve retail customers in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. 

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