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TecAlliance Mexico launches vehicle data for Central America

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TecAlliance has developed the most accurate vehicle market data available for Guatemala, Panama, Costa Rica and El Salvador.

The database gives an overview of passenger and light commercial vehicles that are in circulation in those countries. “CarParc” helps all market players in the Automotive Aftermarket to optimize their product portfolio and discover new sales opportunities.

The “CarParc” database offers access to more than 60 technical attributes of vehicles in circulation in Guatemala, Panama, Costa Rica and El Salvador from 1950 to 2021, such as make, model, model year, engine type, body type, period of manufacture and other characteristics for consultation and generation of electronic catalogs.

The database contains around 15,000 vehicle models of important brands in Guatemala, 30,000 in Costa Rica, 26,000 in El Salvador and 27,000 in Panama. In addition, it features data for vehicles imported from the United States as used vehicles.

All figures are based on the original raw data from official sources. Using a combination of Artificial Intelligence tooling and manual work of the TecAlliance data expert team, the raw data is translated to the TecAlliance standard.

Benefits for the entire distribution chain

“Parts manufacturers in the Independent Automotive Aftermarket can rely on the “CarParc” databases to create their electronic catalogs based on a more precise knowledge of the vehicles that are in circulation in these countries”, explains Rodrigo Figueroa Velázquez, Data Research Coordinator at TecAlliance.

Parts manufacturers can use the car parc data as a basis for specific analysis and product portfolio optimization, allowing to plan the upcoming production or optimize the stock levels.

“In this way, the entire distribution chain, e-commerce, auto parts retail companies, workshops and auto parts stores will benefit from accurate information and more complete electronic catalogs. In addition to these benefits, people interested in knowing the replacement parts for their car will be able to view the products, applications, photographs and technical descriptions through the TecDoc Catalogue for free”, says Rodrigo Figueroa Velázquez.

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