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Great success for TecAlliance’s seminar in Southeast Asia

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Together with renowned distribution groups in Southeast Asia, TecAlliance is working on the digitalisation of the aftermarket supply chain in the region.

At the end of December 2021, AAC (Thailand), Solid Automotive (Malaysia), SB (Sumber Berkat), Group (Indonesia), and CassTime Technology joined TecAlliance in their first online seminar on “Southeast Asia Strategic Alliance for Automotive Aftermarket Digitalization”. The webcast was a great success.

During the online summit, TecAlliance explored a strategic alliance for aftermarket supply chain digitalisation, establishing the TecDoc data standard as the integration link for the supply and customer base of AAC, Solid Automotive, and SB Group. Moreover, Casstime’s e-platform functions as the essential technology to enable a marketplace for the supply and customer base in the SEA region, supporting AAC, Solid Automotive, and SB Group to enhance their efficiency (online-offline) to serve the entire eco-system of parts distribution from manufacturers, brand owners, distributors and retailers to workshops.

During the seminar, Matthias Moritz, Managing Director Asia Pacific at TecAlliance, elucidated the footprint in the Asia-Pacific region. Zhong Weijia gave a specific presentation to the audience about the digital Warranty & Returns system (TecCom Returns), and Marcus Koh introduced an e-catalogue solution for the Southeast Asia market, using TecDoc Web Catalogue customised for AAC as an example to show to all participants.

AAC, Solid Automotive, and SB introduced their current supply base and customer network base. They also discussed particular pain points in the aftermarket distribution and explored solutions utilising digitalisation. CassTime shared its proven e-platform technology, which serves as a suitable digitalisation choice for the SEA region.

Mr. Teerapot from AAC explained: “Currently, the main pain point is how to support customers to find the parts they want through different searching methods in a fast and accurate way, and this is exactly the strength of TecAlliance.” Mr. Pornsak, General Manager of AAC, added : “We want to understand more about Warranty & Returns system (TecCom Returns). The system can not only further regularise the whole warranty process but also significantly reduce the time cost for our customers.”  

“The traditional auto parts industry needs better ways to exchange information and link with each other, and we are also looking for more digital solutions that will work for us," added Donald Tan from Malaysia's Solid Automotive.

Juan Delano from SB Group said excitedly: “In today's competitive market and pandemic situation, we have always been exploring better ways for parts distribution, hoping to find a proper digital and e-platform solution to transform our business, which should be an e-platform marketplace that is designed for professional aftermarket parts search, buy, and delivery services.”

"We appreciated TecAlliance for exploring potential partners from Southeast Asia, which will bring our technology to be deployed in overseas regions," commented Mr. Chen, co-founder of CassTime.

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