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TecCom Returns - Digitalization, the new standard!

How TecCom Returns helps to optimize the returns process and brings together manufacturers, retailers and also workshops in one system

Dealers and suppliers in the automotive industry face the major challenge of processing returns and complaints requests from different sources on a daily basis. The TecAlliance solution TecCom Returns offers the perfect solution for centralizing all activities in this area and standardizing processes overall. Manufacturers, dealers and workshops all benefit equally from the advantages, as they are all united on one platform.

 Excellent user experience and functions for every occasion
TecCom Returns stands out both for its good and self-explanatory user experience and for its continuously expanded functions.
Recently, TecCom Returns also offers support in case of stock clearance. The new function simplifies and improves the process, for example by allowing receivers to decide for themselves which items should be returned and which should not. The decision for or against a return can be made easily via the platform within a few seconds. This means that unnecessary returns can be dispensed with. As a result, the processing effort and costs are reduced on both sides. Furthermore, the process is made transparent and centrally controlled via the platform, giving retailers more scope for planning.

Managing the returns process even with parties outside TecCom Returns
In order to handle the returns process not only with parties that also use TecCom Returns, the Receiver Link was introduced. With the help of this function, suppliers or recipients of complaints outside TecCom can also be contacted. The complaint information entered via TecCom Returns is automatically sent to the complaint recipient by e-mail. The e-mail contains a link to the Receiver Console in TecCom Returns. In the Receiver Console, the recipient can view all information about the claim and comment on the complaint without being a TecCom Returns customer. The e-mail address of the receiver can be saved in an address book to speed up the process next time.

Immediate validation through TecDoc integration
The integration of TecDoc data into the TecCom Returns system enables TecDoc validation. Within this validation, it is checked whether the claimed part fits the specified vehicle. This indication can be an indicator of misapplication or misleading product description or allocation. The result of the validation is immediately visible in the system via a built-in widget on the Receiver Console.

Continuous development
TecCom is characterized by continuous development, so further improvements to TecCom Returns will follow this year. In this context, the opinions of our customers will also be taken into account. An important basis for this is the regular exchange of ideas, which we aim to achieve, for example, at our "User Group Nordics" event in the fall.

 Do you want to know how easily TecCom Returns can be introduced to your business? Write us at sales.ret@tecalliance.net to get in touch with us

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