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Corteco optimises international order processing with TecCom

The smoothest possible customer experience is essential for success in e-commerce.

Corteco, one of the leading international IAM specialists for seals, vibration engineering, chassis components, and cabin air filtration, relies on the TecCom Order solution from TecAlliance to optimise service quality and customer satisfaction. The digitisation and automation of all process steps from availability requests to invoicing saves time and costs; it is the basis for excellent customer service. Due to its positive experience in Europe, Corteco is gradually rolling out the solution worldwide.

In addition to the proven OEM quality, Corteco focuses on reliability and flexibility in order processing, good product availability and excellent service. These factors are crucial for sustainable success in the automotive aftermarket. The decision to use TecCom has significantly increased supply chain efficiency.

"In 2013, about 15 per cent of order items were automatically processed electronically. Today, it is over 70 percent, i.e. more than 700,000 order items per year. And the trend is rising," says Carsten Schwartau, Director Customer Operation at Corteco. He is certain: "Without TecCom Order, it would not be possible to process today's order volume in Germany of approximately one million positions per year."

Custom integration of TecCom Order into Corteco's SAP system enables direct exchange with the customer's ERP system, which offers new possibilities. For example, even large orders with over a thousand items containing products from different locations can be processed automatically. "We have been able to realise many options with TecCom that we could not implement with SAP alone," explains Schwartau.

International standard solution for worldwide use

Thanks to TecCom, Corteco customers can check the availability of replacement parts in real time. Automated plausibility checks and the transmission of electronic invoices are further features that increase process efficiency. Based on its positive experience in Europe, Corteco is planning to introduce TecCom at other international locations. The global rollout was started with a project in Mexico. By working together closely, the Corteco and TecAlliance teams in Germany and Mexico implemented the project in five months. "It couldn't have gone any faster," says Schwartau.

"For the rollout at our worldwide locations, it is very helpful that TecAlliance supports us with teams on site. We expect the international rollout of TecCom to further improve our international cooperation through standardisation and automation. This will enable us to guarantee the same high quality of service everywhere, efficiently and with little effort," says Schwartau.

More information about TecCom is available at tec.al/TecCom.

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