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MANN+HUMMEL drives forward digitization with TecCom

Digitalisation is now a global trend in all industries and the huge automotive aftermarket is no exception

As a global data benchmark and digital solution innovator for the automotive aftermarket, TecAlliance has been supporting MANN+HUMMEL’s digital transformation in the area of independent aftermarket ordering for eight years with TecCom.

“Clean Planet” – MANN+HUMMEL’s sustainability goal

“Sustainability is at the heart of our business,” said Rachel Fu, Head of MANN+HUMMEL’s Independent Aftermarket Business, in the interview with TecAlliance. The MANN+HUMMEL Group is making an important contribution to the vision of “a clean planet” and the sustainable use of finite resources through the development of intelligent filtration technology solutions by its Transportation, Life Sciences & Environment business units. MANN+HUMMEL joined the United Nations Global Compact in 2021 and will continue to consistently implement the company’s commitment to sustainability and promote the Group’s sustainable business practices in the future.

“The digital nature of TecCom fits in with our sustainability ambitions – the digitalisation of ordering processes significantly reduces the company’s environmental impact, for example in terms of paper waste, unnecessary logistics and emissions.” Rachel Fu, Head of MANN+HUMMEL’s Independent Aftermarket Business

TecCom offers practical solutions for challenges

TecCom, the leading B2B trading platform for the automotive aftermarket, has made it possible to digitise the entire process from ordering to invoicing, providing huge convenience for around 280 manufacturers and over 35,000 buyers worldwide. The TecCom system enables MANN+HUMMEL buyers to place orders independently of time and location, thus increasing the efficiency of the ordering process; at the same time, the system “relieves our customer service and saves on personnel costs”. According to MANN+HUMMEL, up to 60% of orders from the independent aftermarket in China are placed by the dealers on their own via TecCom.

MANN+HUMMEL has also recently started using TecCom Returns solution, which makes returns management very simple. The standardised information format and procedural instructions make the claim application process quick and easy for buyers, and the transparent progress reports inform them in real time of the status of their claim. TecCom Returns is estimated to reduce the expenses of sellers by 50%. In MANN+HUMMEL’s annual Dealer Satisfaction Survey, customers rated TecCom as “intuitive and efficient”.

Speed up digitalization of ordering

“We aim to encourage all customers in the independent aftermarket to place their orders online, so that offline orders are gradually eliminated and the ordering process is fully digitized.” When asked about her expectations for the future development of MANN+HUMMEL’s independent aftermarket business, Rachel replied, “The independent automotive aftermarket has a complex customer profile, ranging from small shops owned by married couples to listed companies. We hope that the TecCom system will be more user-friendly and customised for all types of customers.”

As an expert in process optimisation and digitalisation in the automotive aftermarket, TecAlliance focus on the use of advanced technologies to continuously optimise the TecAlliance various solutions and boost the digitalisation of the industry. In addition, TecAlliance strives to support our customers in the area of ordering and Returns with TecCom, striding closer towards the TecAllaince common vision of sustainable development.

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