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O.M.P. expands its aftermarket business with TecDoc

O.M.P. Officine Mazzocco Pagnoni S.r.l., founded in 1966, is one of the leading manufacturers of water pumps and oil pumps for endothermic engines.

The Italian company has laid the foundations for the successful expansion of its business activities in the independent automotive aftermarket. Its portfolio is now represented in the TecDoc Catalogue, which is a fundamental tool for the automotive aftermarket industry.

We had the opportunity to speak with Alessandro Mazzocco, Aftermarket Sales Manager at O.M.P., to learn more about the company and its strategy to further strengthen its presence in the independent aftermarket (IAM).

Which products does O.M.P. offer in the IAM?

Alessandro Mazzocco: For the Independent automotive aftermarket, O.M.P. has a range of products, including water pumps, variable speed water pumps, oil pumps, fan supports, and water pump repair kits. We operate worldwide and are committed to providing the IAM with new products and a high level of service. Keeping quality at the highest level is a top priority for our company. We will be introducing a new IAM identity in the coming months. This will include a new logo, website, catalogue, updated content and much more to distinguish the IAM division of O.M.P.

O.M.P. customers – what is your focus?

Alessandro Mazzocco: Our focus is on distribution players and specialists such as engine rebuilders. We aim to provide our customers with the best tools to promote the O.M.P. brand and attract new business opportunities. Our customers benefit from wider visibility and easier access to our products.

Why TecDoc?

Alessandro Mazzocco: TecDoc is fundamental for all I.A.M. participants as a platform full of information. Companies can easily and quickly search for any product by comparing and cross-referencing supplier data.

In addition, many distribution companies have their own webshop based on TecDoc, and our products are now automatically integrated there. We are looking to get more business opportunities and support the customer’s database with more information.

Thanks for the insights!

To learn more about O.M.P. and their products, visit www.omppumps.com

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