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QUANTUM-AutoMARKET brings great ideas to life as TecAlliance Partner.

Quantum Automarket grows as a TecAlliance Partner.

In January, TecAlliance introduced the TecAlliance Partner Program (TAPP) aimed at assisting resellers, software vendors and consultants who sell, integrate and provide advice on the TecAlliance products and solutions. This program is intended to help businesses prosper and expand in the worldwide automotive aftermarket. 

The TecAlliance standardized data has aided automotive aftermarket players in growing their businesses for nearly 30 years, from parts manufacturers and dealers to workshops and fleet operators. Software vendors and consultants worldwide are helping the TecAlliance customers maximize the potential of the TecAlliance data and solutions. The TecAlliance partner program aims to facilitate the growth of current and new partners by providing them with the necessary tools to expand quickly and increase their revenue.

TecAlliance is thrilled to announce that QUANTUM-AutoMARKET, a Serbian company operating worldwide, will be joining TecAlliance as a TecAlliance Partner. As the first partner of TecAlliance in the Balkans region, this collaboration presents a significant milestone for both companies. Tijana Stanković, Sales and Marketing Officer at QUANTUM-AutoMARKET, has shared her insights on working with TecDoc and her enthusiasm for joining the TecAlliance Partner Program. 

Why did you decide to partner with TecAlliance?

Tijana Stanković: 22 years ago, for us, it was a no-brainer to partner up with TecDoc. At the beginning of this massive digital transformation, we had a strong drive to include modern technologies in the aftermarket car parts trade industry, and we saw TecDoc as a natural and infallible part of that journey. The complexity and diverseness of automotive aftermarket needs have been successfully met by TecAlliance for so many years, and with it, we managed by extension to upgrade and improve our own products and services.

What are your expectations about the new TAPP?

Tijana Stanković: Further partner growth and creating new ideas together, where we will continue to meet the industry’s challenges, both locally and globally. As we are a partner who has clients all over the world, we look forward to new TAPP simplifying communication channels across various divisions and markets while maintaining the quality of partner relationships.

 And which advantages do you see by today?

Tijana Stanković: Foremost, staying in tune with the industry and all breakthrough moments in different markets, global recognition, and of course, the ability to offer our customers our complete, ready-to-use solution with TecDoc data integrated. Our employees had opportunities to learn about aftermarket data and the industry through various training sessions with helpful and dedicated persons from TecAlliance. Having a caring partner with brilliant and expert personnel willing to communicate with us on various topics and requests from our end customers has been an enormous benefit, as well as a pleasant and joyful experience for our team.

Thank you!

With QUANTUM-AutoMARKET's expertise and extensive reach in the automotive aftermarket industry, TecAlliance believes this partnership will bring valuable opportunities for growth and expansion. 

TecAlliance is looking forward to a successful partnership with QUANTUM-AutoMARKET and to the benefits it will bring to the expanding network of TecAlliance.

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