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Vitobello Ricambi is now in TecDoc

Vitobello Ricambi, a leading manufacturer of mechanical components for cars and commercial vehicles, has recently joined TecDoc as a data supplier to enhance its visibility and strengthen its position in the Independent Automotive Aftermarket (IAM). This move is expected to enable the company to expand its target markets beyond Italy and be recognised as a reliable data supplier in Europe.

Founded in 1972, Vitobello Ricambi has been providing its customers with certified quality spare parts for over 50 years, including rocker arms, gaskets, crankshafts, and complete engines, all verified, labeled, and coded with recognition codes to ensure high quality and reliability. The company mainly targets grinders, parts dealers, and large distributors, offering a reliable shipping service, customer/after-sales service, a wide range of aftermarket products, and a B2B shop with a user-friendly search engine.

Vitobello Ricambi’s decision to become a TecDoc data supplier is a strategic move to establish itself as a reliable and experienced company in the world of spare parts dealers. "Joining the TecDoc database is a crucial step for us, as it will give us the opportunity to showcase our products to a wider audience and expand our market share," said Luca Vitobello, CEO of Vitobello Ricambi.

With a strong focus on quality and reliability, Vitobello Ricambi is well positioned to capture a significant share of the independent aftermarket in Europe and beyond. 

More information on how TecDoc helps parts manufacturers succeed in the independent automotive aftermarket is available at tec.al/DataSupplier

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