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Increasing sales and customer satisfaction

TecCom CMD enables parts manufacturers to handle large volumes of inquiries and orders without putting their ERP system and business at risk.

Excellent product data quality and automated business processes are the basis for future success in the automotive aftermarket. In this increasingly complex and digitised market, parts manufacturers need to deliver precise and up-to-date product, price and availability information as a prerequisite for process optimisation in the whole supply chain.

TecCom Collaborative Managed Data (CMD) is a robust system that helps both suppliers and buyers manage the huge amount of article data and inquiries. Thanks to CMD, parts suppliers provide distributors with detailed information on prices and product data such as dimensions or weight – in real-time. This shortens the time-to-market and helps to avoid loss of sales due to missing or wrong parts data.

Just within the past year, a total of 72 new users have joined as dealers, while an additional eleven suppliers have become CMD data suppliers.

Mastering data overload

Many parts manufacturers need to manage a high numbers of inquiries in their ERP system, up to 300,000 inquiries per month. To avoid a possible slow-down of the ERP system which would put the daily business at risk, some suppliers restricted the number of incoming inquiries or orders. Of course, that procedure carried a significant risk of losing business.

In response to this challenge, CMD has recently introduced the availability information feature, that changes the way parts manufacturers communicate with their customers. With CMD, suppliers can now provide their customers in real time with customised prices and availability information. This information can be delivered in a specific file format on the CMD platform, which makes it easy to manage large volumes of inquiries. The optimised handling of inquiries avoids loss of sales resulting from delays in receiving and responding to traders’ requests.

Putting traders on the fast lane

Standardised data allows to automate processes and increase efficiency. Fast and competent customer service, based on 100% correct data, is a must in this highly competitive environment. CMD supports traders in securing themselves a head start – with standardised product, price and availability information provided in real time. That is why traders strongly prefer suppliers who use the CMD availability feature.

CMD enables traders to react more quickly and give correct feedback to their customers’ requests. This enhanced service leads to increased customer satisfaction, has a positive effect on sales and reduces product returns.

Contact us to learn how to keep your parts data up-to-date and optimise your article and pricing data management: TecCom-Sales@tecalliance.net.

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