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Companies of all sizes rely on TecAlliance to succeed in the IAM

Whether a company is a small, specialised business or a large, multinational corporation, TecAlliance is committed to help it succeed in the rapidly evolving IAM world. The long-standing partnership with TecAlliance has helped remanufacturer ERA Benelux expand its business in Europe.

Remanufacturing significantly reduces waste and the consumption of resources by refurbishing and reusing used or worn-out products. Committed to the circular economy, ERA Benelux reduces the environmental impact of the automotive industry by offering affordable and sustainable alternatives that meet OEM standards. Its portfolio for the IAM consists primarily of chassis parts such as steering racks and pumps, drive shafts, and brake calipers.

ERA Benelux has published its data in TecDoc since 2005. This is because the company has recognised the importance of having a presence in TecDoc due to its widespread use and its status as a standard. “As we wanted to expand our business, it was essential to be in TecDoc-derived catalogues throughout Europe. Through TecDoc, we have made it easy for customers across Europe to identify and access our remanufactured parts,” says Stefaan Vandenbussche, CEO of ERA Benelux. 

ERA Benelux aims to provide customers with 100% correct data so that they can clearly identify the specific part they are looking for. Customers want to be able to quickly identify the right part without having to choose between several similar part numbers. TecAlliance has supported the company in achieving this goal with its Data Quality Management (DQM) initiative. The remanufacturer’s efforts in data quality are paying off: ERA Benelux was one of the first suppliers to be awarded the title Premier Data Supplier (PDS), the quality seal for the highest data quality.

Integrated e-commerce strategy

ERA Benelux is also connected to TecCom, enabling its customers in the aftermarket to automate order processing. More than 30,000 trade customers in the IAM use TecCom to automatically check availability and prices, place orders and receive electronic shipping confirmations and invoices. 

“Being present in TecDoc and enabling ordering via TecCom helps us to increase our visibility and accessibility for potential customers, ultimately leading to more sales,” confirms Vandenbussche.

A detailed interview with Stefaan Vandenbussche, CEO at ERA Benelux, is available at: https://www.tecalliance.net/how-we-help-era-benelux-to-expand-its-business/

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