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TecAlliance ensures tax-compliant e-invoicing for Spain and beyond

The government has announced a new draft regulation requiring all Spanish B2B companies to issue electronic invoices. Paper-based invoices will no longer be allowed, making it crucial for businesses to prepare for the upcoming mandate.

TecAlliance, the leading expert for data management and processes in the automotive aftermarket, offers TecCom e-Invoicing, a tax-compliant e-invoicing solution that facilitates a smooth transition.

According to the draft regulation published in June 2023, companies with an annual turnover of €8 million or more will have to comply within twelve months of the law's official publication. The e-invoice must be a structured document, and PDFs will no longer be considered electronic invoices. Businesses can choose from XML CEFACT/ONU, UBL, EDIFACT, or Facturae formats.

TecAlliance offers its tax-compliant TecCom e-Invoicing solution not only in Spain but also in many other countries worldwide. TecCom e-Invoicing guarantees integrity, authenticity, interconnection, and interoperability with other platforms. The e-invoicing solution is fully integrated into the TecCom suite, allowing to streamline all processes from order to invoice to returns. e-Invoicing can also be seamlessly integrated into ERP systems.

TecAlliance's e-Invoicing solution is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the automotive aftermarket. It converts e-invoices into supported formats nationally and internationally while preserving integrity and authenticity, ensuring a smooth transition to electronic invoicing.

More information about TecCom e-Invoicing is available at the TecAlliance website.

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