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How TecRMI helps garages boost sales and customer loyalty

TecRMI and the TecDoc Catalogue support workshops to carry out the wheel change as efficiently as possible.

As the seasons shift from summer to winter, the importance of preparing our vehicles for the change becomes paramount. Drivers flock to workshops seeking to equip their cars with winter tyres and ensure their safety during colder months. With the Tecalliance comprehensive technical information and product data TecAlliance helps workshops to carry out the wheel change as efficiently as possible, generate additional sales and at the same time retain their customers in the long term through excellent service.

With TecRMI TecAlliance offers manufacturer-compliant repair and maintenance data for all common vehicle manufacturers for the areas of repair, mechanics, maintenance and diagnostics. During the wheel change, TecRMI becomes a valuable tool, aiding in the tyre selection process. By considering factors like size specifications, vehicle type, or the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), TecRMI showcases all possible wheel and tyre combinations for a specific vehicle. Essential information such as correct inflation pressure, tightening torques, lifting points, and instructions on the installation and removal of tyre pressure sensors (TPMS) is provided to ensure a safe and precise wheel change in adherence to OE specifications.

Last year, TecAlliance expanded the tyre category in the TecDoc Catalogue, the world's leading vehicle and spare parts catalogue for the automotive aftermarket. This expansion included additional tyre brands and introduced a new tyre search module. This module enables workshops to swiftly and effortlessly find the right tyre model, further enhancing the efficiency of their operations.

Retain customers and generate additional sales with checklists

To foster customer retention and drive additional sales, TecAlliance offers a variety of professional checklists within TecRMI. These checklists empower workshops to provide customers with expert advice and transparency, fostering trust. Whether it's a wheel change check, winter check, or corrosion protection check, these checklists facilitate daily workflows.

Using the list for the wheel change, mechanics meticulously inspect the profile, condition, and safety of the wheels to be fitted, alongside evaluating the tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and TPMS sensor batteries. The dismounted wheel set is also thoroughly examined, ensuring timely tyre procurement if necessary.

The winter check and corrosion protection check present supplementary revenue opportunities, allowing for tasks such as fluid top-ups and replacement of essential components like wiper blades or brake pads. Customers are provided with a clear list detailing the executed work and checks, instilling confidence in their workshop of choice.

In conclusion, as the winter season is approaching , the switch to winter tyres and ensuring a properly maintained vehicle are critical steps in guaranteeing road safety. The TecAlliance suite of services and tools, including TecRMI and the TecDoc Catalogue, are designed to aid workshops in this crucial process. 

Take advantage of the TecAlliance offerings to enhance your service quality and customer satisfaction!

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