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Comline Group boosts e-commerce with TecDoc

TecAlliance, the leading expert for data management and processes in the automotive aftermarket, has developed an e-commerce solution for the Comline Group.

It enables customers around the world to access Comline Group’s spare parts portfolio and find the right product quickly and precisely. Customers can also view availability and price and place orders directly. This new e-commerce solution is a unified platform for both of the Group’s brands – Comline and Motaquip.

Comline Group, a leading company in the spare parts industry for more than 30 years, is introducing a TecDoc-based catalogue to set new standards in customer experience. Leveraging its aftermarket expertise, Comline collaborated with TecAlliance to design and build this best-in-class online catalogue.

Customised e-commerce solution based on TecDoc

The TecDoc White Label Catalogue Solution provides a powerful and user-friendly experience that is tailored to Comline’s requirements and design guidelines.

“We had a requirement to deliver a reliable, user-friendly catalogue to our customers that we could integrate with our Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP system to provide online ordering and availability information. It quickly became apparent that TecDoc’s White Label Solution was going to be the right solution,” remembers Leigh Davies, General Manager – Marketing and Communications at Comline Group.

A unified system with excellent data

The TecDoc Standard is the foundation for the optimal presentation of product information in different countries, committed to high data quality and standardisation. Both Comline Group brands – Comline and Motaquip – boast TecDoc Premier Data Supplier status, underlining their commitment to data excellence.

With the TecDoc-based catalogue solution, Comline Group is establishing a unified digital presence for its portfolio with a strong focus on data quality. The catalogue offers Comline Group’s customers an outstanding user experience, providing a reliable and integrated solution for the group’s core brands. The consolidation into a single system streamlined Comline Group's operations, eliminating the complexities of managing multiple systems for online cataloguing.

Global success story with focus on data quality

Within the first five months of launching the TecDoc White Label Solution, Comline Group saw a substantial increase in items ordered, growth of the user base and a considerable reduction in customer inquiries concerning pricing and stock.

Comline Group's customers in 50 countries worldwide, many of whom are already paid-up users of the TecDoc platform, are already benefitting from this new catalogue, which is available in over 40 languages. In addition, Comline provides access to this platform to distribution partners in countries including Barbados, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, and Ukraine, to name but a few.

In a detailed interview, Leigh Davies, General Manager – Marketing and Communications at Comline Group, discusses current changes in the automotive aftermarket and the introduction and benefits of Comline’s TecDoc-based catalogue. The interview is available online at tec.al/Comline.

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