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Warranty claims as an opportunity for the IAM

The competitiveness and future success of the independent automotive aftermarket depend largely on the quality of the parts on offer.

A decisive factor is the digital documentation of complaints and warranty claims related to quality problems. This is the only way for parts manufacturers to learn directly about potential quality problems and be able to react accordingly. With the TecCom Returns online tool, independent workshops can digitally record a claim in less than two minutes and send it to all wholesalers and parts manufacturers in a standardised way.

TecCom Returns brings workshops, parts dealers and manufacturers together on a common platform. The online tool supports all market participants to improve return processes and handling of warranty cases. 

It offers workshops an efficient way to digitally record returns free of charge and thus provide parts manufacturers with valuable feedback. In this way, workshops help to safeguard their own competitiveness and improve parts quality at the same time.

"In the case of defective parts of low value, e.g. sensors, workshops often don't even report them because the effort involved is too high in relation to the small financial loss. The same happens when the claim is passed on to the parts dealers. The manufacturer may not be aware of a quality issue and cannot react accordingly," explains Moritz Mahler, Product Owner TecCom Returns.

"If this happens more often, the workshop may switch to OEM parts. But this inevitably reduces their margin! It is important for the future of the entire market that the independent workshops document the claims and that the parts manufacturers are also informed so that any quality defects can be rectified. TecCom Returns makes this very easy and takes less than 90 seconds," says Moritz.

With TecCom Returns, workshops can create warranty claims on a PC, tablet or smartphone. Photos, videos and audio files can be transmitted directly. A list of all claims provides a transparent overview of the processing and decision status at all times.

The use of TecCom Returns is free of charge for workshops. Register on the TecCom portal and start creating claims straight away! Register now

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