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Navigating the Future of the Aftermarket: Insights from TecDoc Customer Days 2023

In the fast-paced world of the automotive aftermarket, staying ahead of trends and optimising operations are paramount to success.

TecDoc Customer Days 2023 brought together industry leaders in three dynamic events in Copenhagen, Paris and Milan. Each event explored key topics and provided invaluable insights and strategies to shape the future of the aftermarket.

Copenhagen, Denmark - June: Unveiling Trends and Optimizing Operations

The journey began in the picturesque city of Copenhagen, where industry enthusiasts gathered to explore the latest trends in the automotive aftermarket. The focus of the event went beyond trend spotting to address the pressing need to reduce returns and effectively optimise product portfolios.

Attendees engaged in thought-provoking discussions on the use of technology to improve efficiency. Experts shared innovative strategies for analysing and optimising product portfolios, ensuring that companies can streamline their offerings for maximum impact. There was also a focus on reducing data delivery times to the TecAlliance, highlighting the importance of fast and accurate data exchange in today's competitive environment.

The key takeaway from Copenhagen was a renewed emphasis on agility and adaptability. The aftermarket is evolving rapidly, and companies that embrace change and implement data-driven strategies are poised for success in this dynamic landscape.

Paris, France - November: TecDoc Standard and Data Quality Management

As autumn settled over Paris, industry leaders convened to delve into the intricacies of the TecDoc Standard, Instant Data Processing (IDP) and Data Quality Management (DQM). The event provided a deep dive into the backbone of TecDoc operations, highlighting the importance of standardised data and efficient data processing.

Discussions on the TecDoc Standard highlighted its importance as an industry benchmark that promotes interoperability and seamless collaboration between stakeholders. The session on Instant Data Processing highlighted the need for real-time data processing to enable companies to make informed decisions quickly. The spotlight then shifted to TecDoc DQM, which highlighted the key role of data quality in maintaining the integrity of the automotive aftermarket.

Paris echoed the consensus that adherence to the TecDoc standard and rigorous data quality management are non-negotiable elements for companies seeking to thrive in an era dominated by precision and reliability.

Milan, Italy - December: PMA spotlight and Customer Experiences

The grand finale took place in Milan, Italy, where the spotlight shone on PMA (Product Management Analytics), our key tool for range management within the TecDoc ecosystem. Against a backdrop of discussions on customer centricity and globalisation, attendees delved into customised solutions for TecDoc Catalogue, with a particular focus on using the PMA product for enhanced product range analysis.

Throughout the event, industry leaders shared their experiences with the PMA, highlighting its critical role in refining product portfolios. The tool's advanced analytical capabilities enable companies to conduct in-depth product range analysis, ensuring that their offerings are seamlessly aligned with market demand. This personalised approach resonates with the theme of customer centricity, allowing companies to tailor their product ranges to meet the unique needs of their diverse customer base.

Besides the PMA spotlight, the event continued to explore new modalities for sending data to TecDoc, recognising the global nature of the automotive aftermarket. The fusion of customised solutions and global standards was evident as companies sought to find the perfect balance in an ever-evolving landscape.

Milan embodied the essence of customer-centricity, not only through personalised solutions, but also by sharing practical insights from companies that have harnessed the power of the PMA product. As the automotive aftermarket continues to expand globally, the event underlined the critical role that tailored solutions, such as the PMA product's range analysis, play in achieving sustainable success.

As well as celebrating customer-centric approaches and globalisation strategies, the December event in Milan showed how the PMA product is changing the way companies analyse and optimise their product portfolios within the TecDoc framework. In the grand tapestry of TecDoc Customer Days 2023, the Milan chapter stands as a testament to the industry's commitment to innovation and adaptability, with the PMA product emerging as a key player in shaping the future of the automotive aftermarket.

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